How much money can you make on your LANDSCAPING!

Estimating the precise value increase for each landscaping category can be challenging since the return on investment (ROI) varies by region, local market conditions, the property’s baseline value, and individual buyer preferences. However, we can provide a general idea based on industry averages and expert insights:

1. Maintenance First:

  • Potential ROI: 100%-200%
  • Simple maintenance tasks, like pruning and weeding, can offer an immediate and significant return because they are relatively low-cost but can drastically improve curb appeal. If you spend $500 on basic maintenance, for instance, you might add $1,000 to $1,500 to your home’s perceived value.

2. Irrigation Systems:

  • Potential ROI: 85%-100%
  • Proper irrigation can preserve and enhance the existing landscape. While the upfront cost might be significant, potential buyers will often pay a premium for homes with an efficient, automated watering system, especially in arid regions like Arizona.

3. Xeriscaping and Native Plants:

  • Potential ROI: 50%-150%
  • The broad range here reflects the variability in costs and the specifics of the xeriscaping done. In areas where water conservation is a priority, properties with drought-resistant landscapes can be especially appealing.

4. Add Key Landscaping Features:

  • Potential ROI: 50%-100%
  • Decorative elements like gravel, rocks, or pathways can significantly enhance a property’s aesthetics. These improvements are often moderate in cost but can lead to substantial increases in perceived value.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces:

  • Potential ROI: 60%-85%
  • The return here largely depends on the quality and usability of the space. A well-designed patio or outdoor kitchen can serve as an extension of the home’s living space, increasing the property’s overall functional area.

6. Outdoor Lighting:

  • Potential ROI: 40%-75%
  • While they add aesthetic appeal, the return on water features can be variable. Some buyers may see them as a maintenance hassle, while others love the luxury they add. Lighting, on the other hand, often has a more consistent positive return because of the added functionality and security.

7. Shade Features:

  • Potential ROI: 25%-50%
  • Mature trees can add thousands of dollars to a property’s value, but younger trees or newly added shade structures will take time to provide a full return. However, they can still add immediate appeal and functionality.

It’s essential to remember that these are general estimates and can vary based on many factors. It’s always a good idea to consult with local professionals, like landscapers and real estate agents, to get a more accurate understanding of potential returns in your specific market and neighborhood.

In Arizona’s rugged terrains, rolling up your sleeves for DIY landscaping isn’t just gardening – it’s staking your claim and sculpting dollars on your home’s price tag.

– Three Timbers

Real World Example

Let’s use the example of the “Smith Family” who live in a typical single-family home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their house is currently valued at $790,183. This home price reflects the average home price in Scottsdale as of September 2023. They’re planning to sell and want to maximize their home’s appeal through landscaping.

1. Landscaping Maintenance

Cost: They spend $1,580 on overhauling their existing landscape. This includes trimming all overgrown bushes, removing dead plants, cleaning up any garden debris, and freshening up garden beds.
Added Value: This simple clean-up potentially adds $3,160 to $4,740 to their home’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $793,343 – $794,923

2. Irrigation Systems

Cost: The Smith family installs a drip irrigation system for $4,740. This system covers their entire yard and garden beds.
Added Value: With the water-saving benefits and convenience, they potentially add $4,011 to $4,740 to the home’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $794,923 – $794,923

3. Xeriscaping & Native Plants

Cost: They spend $7,901 on introducing drought-resistant native plants and removing some non-native, high-water-use plants.
Added Value: Given the sustainable appeal, they potentially add between $3,950 to $11,851 to their home’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $794,133 – $802,034

4. Add Key Landscaping Features

Cost: They decide to add decorative gravel in certain areas and refurbish pathways for $6,324.
Added Value: These aesthetic enhancements potentially add $3,158 to $6,316 to their home’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $793,341 – $796,499

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

Cost: They revamp their existing patio, adding a pergola and some outdoor seating, spending $15,836.
Added Value: This new functional space potentially adds $9,501 to $13,421 to their home’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $799,684 – $803,604

6. Outdoor Lighting

Cost: They install a modest amount of plant lighting and add outdoor pathway lights for $9,505.
Added Value: These features potentially add $3,802 to $7,129 to the property’s value.
New Estimated Home Value: $793,985 – $797,312

7. Shade Features

Cost: The Smith family plants a few young shade trees for future growth at $2,370.
Added Value: Given their young age, these trees add around $593 to $1,185 to the home’s value for now.
New Estimated Home Value: $790,766 – $791,368


After doing all these improvements, which cost the Smith family around $48,256, their home’s value has potentially increased to between $818,358 and $839,565. This means they may recoup their investment and then some, making their home more appealing to potential buyers in the Scottsdale market.