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Thank You For Supporting Us

You know this page is supposed to be about us, but to be completely honest, there is no us without YOU! So we just wanted to say thank you. We’ve been around for 10 years now and each of you have treated us with the utmost respect and love.

For all of you who are new to Three Timbers, we started as a group of three best buddies looking to help people with their outdoor chores so they could more fully enjoy the short Minnesota summer months. We’d knock on people’s doors, shaking in fear (we were only 14-years-old), as we presented what Three Timbers had to offer… And somehow people gave us a chance! Ten years later we look a bit different but still have the same homey, loving, respectful feel that we focused on when we were much smaller. 

We are YOUR local outdoor maintenance team, but even more importantly, we are your friends who focus on never letting you down as we provide luxury service all summer long.

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