Priority Levels: Do this landscaping FIRST in Arizona

Selling a home in Arizona for the highest price with the help of landscaping involves a combination of adding appealing features, maintaining what’s already there, and ensuring the landscaping aligns with the preferences of potential buyers in the area. Here’s a prioritized order of steps to take:

1. Maintenance First:

  • Priority Level: Highest
  • A well-maintained landscape immediately boosts curb appeal. Address any overgrown areas, remove weeds, prune trees and shrubs, and clear out dead plants. A neat and tidy garden indicates to potential buyers that the property is well-cared for.

2. Irrigation Systems:

  • Priority Level: High
  • Ensure existing systems like drip irrigation are in good working order. Fix any leaks and make sure plants receive adequate water. If you don’t have an irrigation system, consider installing one. A functional irrigation system can be a strong selling point, given the Arizona climate.

3. Xeriscaping and Native Plants:

  • Priority Level: High
  • If large sections of your garden need replanting, consider xeriscaping. Introducing drought-resistant and native plants will appeal to buyers who are looking for both beauty and sustainability. These plants typically require less maintenance and water, which can be a selling point.

4. Add Key Landscaping Features:

  • Priority Level: Medium to High
  • Depending on the existing landscape:
    • Gravel and Decorative Rocks: Can quickly transform an area, making it look neat and appealing.
    • Artificial Turf: Can be added if a green lawn look is desired without the maintenance.
    • Pathways: Create or refurbish pathways using pavers or stones. Mulching/Rocking: Fresh mulch/rock can instantly refresh garden beds.
  • These improvements aren’t as extensive as major overhauls, but they add significant appeal.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces:

  • Priority Level: Medium
  • If your budget and space allow, consider enhancing or adding outdoor living spaces. A cozy patio area, pergolas, or even an outdoor kitchen can be very appealing. Even simple additions like a fire pit can make a difference.

6. Water Features and Lighting:

  • Priority Level: Medium
  • A small fountain or pond can be a luxurious touch, but ensure it looks clean and well-maintained. Similarly, outdoor lighting can boost evening curb appeal. However, these are enhancements and should come after more fundamental improvements.

7. Shade Features:

  • Priority Level: Medium to Low
  • Planting young shade trees might not immediately boost property value due to their age, but if you have existing mature trees, ensure they are well- maintained. If you’re thinking of adding shade structures like pergolas or gazebos, consider them as more of a longer-term investment.

Remember that while all these steps can enhance the appeal and value of your property, it’s essential not to overcapitalize. Investing too much in landscaping might not always provide a return on investment when selling, especially if the improvements don’t align with the preferences of the majority of buyers in your area. Consulting with a local real estate professional can provide insight into which improvements are most likely to increase your property’s value.