Paver Tools, Supplies And Equipment Needed to Build a Paver Patio

Aspiring to become one of the largest landscaping firms in the industry, Three Timbers is not only about exceptional services but also about empowering our clients and staff with the right knowledge. With the dual purpose of offering a guide to our employees and educating our clients, we present a comprehensive list of tools, supplies, and equipment for Interlocking Concrete Pavements (ICP). We believe this guide serves as a reflection of our commitment to quality and empowerment.

Remember, each site is unique. Double-check for any additional utilities specific to your location.

Regular Tools: The Basics

Whether you’re an employee executing a project or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll require these basic tools:

  • Measurement Tools: Folding 6 ft. ruler, 4 ft. Level, 16 ft. Tapes, Torpedo Level, 100 ft. Tape, Line Level, and Steel or Aluminum Carpenter Square.
  • Masonry Essentials: Mason Trowel (both rectangular and pointed), Claw Hammer, Mason Hammer, Mason Wood Float, 3 lb. Maul, and 4 in. Brickset (Mason Chisel).
  • General Utilities: 12 lb. Sledge Hammer, Pair Metal Snips, Rubber or Deadblow Hammer, Shovel(s) (both square and round point), Steel Garden Rake, Push Broom, Slim Jim Pry Bar, Contractor’s Wheel Barrow, Screed Board, Large Flat Blade Screw Drivers, Screed Rails, Hacksaw, Carpenter’s Saw, Plumb Bob, Garden Hose, Chalk Line, and Hand Tamper.

Special Tools: For a Professional Touch

The CP industry comes with its specific tools that optimize the installation process:

  • Paver Cart: Essential for transporting full straps of pavers.
  • Paver Extractor: Useful in removing installed pavers without causing damage.
  • Dead Blow Rubber Hammer: Ideal for adjusting pavers gently.
  • Paver Scribe: To mark pavers accurately before cutting.
  • Paver Adjuster: Helps in aligning installed pavers for perfect straight lines.

Personal Safety and Comfort Supplies: Prioritizing Well-being

At Three Timbers, we emphasize the importance of safety and comfort:

  • Ensure you have Eye Protection, Knee Pads, Ear Protection, Back Support, Finger Tape, Dust Mask, Steel Toed Shoes, First Aid Kit, Gloves, and a Water Cooler by your side.
tampers, levels, mallets, rakes are the necessary tools needed for installing pavers

Expendable Supplies: The Essentials

These supplies might seem trivial but play a significant role:

  • Mason String Line, Chalk for Chalk Line, Marking Crayon, Flagging Tape, 2 ft. Wood Stakes, Diamond Saw Blades, Fuel & Oil, and Spray Marking Paint.

Equipment: Perfecting the Installation

Based on the scale of the project, you might require:

  • Measurement: Builders level or transit level with tripod and rod. Laser levels are recommended for precision.
  • Compaction and Cutting: Vibratory plate compactor, Masonry saw, and Table saw or handheld cut-off saw. Ensure they’re gasoline-powered for flexibility.

Heavy Equipment: For Large-Scale Projects

Larger projects demand more heavy-duty equipment:

  • Skid-Steer Loader, Vibratory Roller, Jumping Jack Compactor, Backhoe for excavation, and Dump Truck for material transportation.


At Three Timbers, our aim is to create an environment where our employees have access to the best resources, and our clients can take an informed DIY approach if they choose. By understanding the intricacies of the tools and equipment required, one ensures a seamless and efficient paver installation. Dive in with confidence, whether you are part of our esteemed team or a homeowner looking to take landscaping into your own hands. Remember, with the right tools and knowledge, every project becomes an attainable dream.