Say Goodbye To Those Itchy Bug Bites


You know what it’s like to sit out watching a beautiful summer sunset only to be forced back inside because of those pesky bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes leave painful and itchy but also potentially dangerous bites that can transmit diseases such as West Niles and St. Louis Encephalitis, so why would you not be treating your property to eliminate them.


At Three Timbers we highly recommend spraying your yard to kill mosquitoes and their larvae. We use a proven approach that provides 21 days of guaranteed mosquito control. We visit your yard, identify the greatest treatment strategy, and eliminate the pests.

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It's Quick & Easy

For the typical yard, we’ll be able to treat your entire yard in 20 – 30 minutes. Obviously, the larger the yard, the longer it takes. Once we treat your yard you can expect immediate results that will last until your next treatment, 21 days later. We work around you to make it quick, easy, and convenient.

How Does It Work?

How it works is very dependent on what type of service you prefer. The most typical service request is from customers looking for mosquito control only. When treating mosquitoes in Minnesota, we generally spray areas that shelter mosquitoes: underside of leaves, shrubs, damp shady areas, and under decks. We don’t typically spray your lawn because grass is commonly too short, enough that mosquitoes don’t shelter there.


There is one caveat, if you are looking for full flea, tick, and nat prevention treat the grass because these pests can live in landscaping beds and grass.

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What If It Rains?

Don’t worry, we’re experts! We will check the weather prior to each treatment, making sure your yard has the adequate time to dry after each application. Depending on the temperature and humidity, we allow roughly 60 minutes of dry time prior to any moisture. Either way, if a sudden storm does arrive and you aren’t satisfied with your treatment, we will schedule a time to apply a booster with no additional cost to you.


One more thing when it comes to dry time. We will update you on our treatment schedule so you can wait 60 minutes for the treatment to dry prior to playing and enjoying your yard.

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