Welcome to our lawn care services!

Welcome the Three Timbers Lawn Care Division

Our lawn care division strives to be the best in the business. Whether we are mowing, blowing, weed whacking, or cleaning up a residence; we hope to bring excellence to every job site. Beyond that, we take so much pride in our work that we’ll actually put a guarantee on the results. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with our mowing service, we will come out and address the issues at no additional cost to you within 24-hours. If you’re still unsatisfied with our work, it’s FREE! We are more than a lawn care business… We are a business focused on your customer satisfaction.

Our Lawn Care Services

We all understand how frustrating it can be mowing the lawn every week, fighting the weeds in the lawn beds, and keeping the grass healthy all summer long. And the annoyance of laying mulch in the spring and getting rid of the leaves in the fall… ugh! You have more important things you could be doing. Don’t let your lawn and landscape waste your valuable time. Put your trust in the capable hands of Three Timbers Lawn Care.


We stop in every week: mow your lawn, trim and edge, and blow any left over messes leaving you with a yard your can be proud of.


We fertilize lawns six times from May to September so your grass is constantly getting the nutrition it needs to grow strong.


We’ll do whatever is needed to get your property ready for the next season.


We will plant grass seed directly into your existing turf, without tearing up your turf or soil, for the perfect summer lawn.

Autonomous Mowers

We sell and install Husqvarna 435X AWD Automowers

If you’re sick of doing your lawn yourself or spending your hard earned cash on an expensive mowing service, we’ve got you covered! Yes, we know this is putting ourselves out of business, but we’re focused on the customer first. And we can say with great confidence that the Husqvarna 435X is an amazing product for any residence with an acre or less of lawn. Read more about autonomous mowers here.

Husqvarna 435X AWD

Purchase Price: $4,999.00

Installation Cost: $1,000.00